Blockchain Explained - How Does Blocknorth Approach It?

How do we explain Blockchain to business? If you read Wikipedia, you often leave more confused than when you began. Blocknorth approaches the explanation of blockchain through three key areas, with specific relevance to business and enterprise.

Blockchain explained via Knowledge

blockchain explained

The primary approach is to distribute consumable blockchain knowledge and learning content, via our online learning platform or through native business LMS. Our knowledge up-skill programme can take the form of direct consultancy and workshop based learning also.

 The Blocknorth intervention is to take the acknowledged complex and sometimes mystifying nature, language and use of blockchain and convert it into easily understandable, easy-to-reach and accessible information which can be taken back by clients to begin their process of integration and delivering benefits within their business.

Blockchain explained via Application

 Our secondary approach is that of project managed delivery solutions, working with clients to provide original and bespoke blockchain software solutions for specific projects and benefits.

The Blocknorth intervention is to work with clients on a one-to-one basis providing specific resolutions against bespoke briefs and scope of works, project managed by Blocknorth with clients gaining access to the deep network of delivery partners.

Blockchain explained via Innovation

The third and final component of our Blocknorth offer is the operational research lab which explores and generates insights and dedicated methods of optimising blockchain technology.

The Blocknorth intervention is to derive and explore new modes of Blockchain application and financial reward. The output of the research is not client-specific and seeks to anticipate potential future benefits.

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